Home Learning

During lockdown, we have been updating you with videos and photos on Facebook that you can try out and listen to at home.  This page will keep you updated with things that we are doing at Preschool that you can try at home.  Every week, this page will be updated with photos and videos, so that you can keep up with the learning we are doing at Preschool.

Your challenge is to find objects in your house which start with the letters in your name.

Have a go at writing your name or get a grown up to do it for you. Then look at and say the sounds out loud.  Look all over the house to find different objects.

My objects were L – lion, a – apple, u- umbrella, r – rainbow, a -ant

If you have a go at this challenge, take some photos or a video of you saying the sounds and the objects and put it on Tapestry.

Bark and Leaf Rubbing

We used leaves and bark from the garden and some chalk to create some beautifully patterned art work today at Preschool.  What can you create by rubbing a leaf with some crayon or chalk?

Paint Blowing

We made monsters and aliens by blowing watered down paint with straws.  The grown ups then drew on eyes, arms and legs.  Using a straw to blow paint helps to develop facial muscles which in turn, helps children make speech sounds for talking.

Timer Challenge

Today’s home learning is inspired by the children who came up with this idea themselves!

They challenged each other to complete the puzzles before the timer ran out, which is a fantastic.  We extended this by challenging each other to draw pictures against a friend before the timer ran out.

This game gives children the beginning of a sense of time and an understanding of how time passes.