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Spare Clothes

We have pretty much run out of all spare trousers and pants. If you have any Preschool labelled items at home, please could you bring them back.

Please check all Preschool bags and make sure that they contain a full change of clothes, and if your child is prone to accidents, please make sure there are multiple pairs of pants and trousers.

Funding for 2-year-olds.

You will have seen that from April, some 2-year-olds will be eligible for 15 funded hours of Preschool. This is not universal funding but is for working families and if you are eligible, then you will need to apply for a code this term, just like you do for 30-hour funding.  If you apply for a code, please can you email it to with the subject – 2 year funding code.

Preschool Headlines Our highlights of the week - 04/12/23 - 08/12/29

Being rather wet and cold all week, we have been spending much more time indoors. We do still go outside as much as we can cope with though, as we all need a run around at some point! We have been providing the children with warm water to play with outside, as it doesn’t seem to matter how cold it is, they will find the tiniest puddle and try to extract as much water out of it as possible for the mud kitchen!

Christmas has landed at Preschool and the children have loved decorating and un-decorating and re-decorating the Christmas Tree in the Summer House. We have been listening to lots of music recently and some of the dance moves on display have been wonderful, the children are obviously warming up for their Christmas Party in a couple of weeks time!

The Christmas Crafts are being finished and the Nativity rehearsals are in full swing. There is so much going on! The practitioners are still very much following the interests of the children however, and this week, we have been enjoying learning about farms, playing with the farm animals and reading Old McDonald Had a Farm and That’s Not My Tractor.

We have continued to count objects this week, working on one to one correspondence (pointing at one thing at a time as we count) and also subitising (recognising 1, 2 or 3 things without counting). Please do continue to practise these skills at home as all Maths work is extremely valuable.

We have also been practising pencil hold and pattern formations in our mark making. We have got some new pencil grips which help the children hold their pencils in a secure and strong position and it has been fun seeing them start to use them in their work.

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The preschool uniform policy is for each child to wear a uniformed royal blue polo shirt and/or sweatshirt, own bottoms can be worn. Various other logo items are also available to buy. Uniforms can be ordered here from The Uniform Shop, Wellingborough.

All children are asked to bring with them a named bag containing the following items each day:

  • Spare change of clothes (all clothes should be named)
  • Outdoor coat

For those children who wear nappies, a nappy box is provided at preschool for each child and you should keep this stocked please.


Most children do have plimsolls at Preschool, but there are a few who still need them. The reason we ask for plimsolls is in the event of a fire, we would need to evacuate the children from the building and if they have not got footwear, then they will have to go out in bare feet.  Plimsolls are great indoor shoes as they keep the floors clean from mud and rain, they are comfy and easy to get on and off, but they have hard soles and if needed can be worn outside.

Please remember to label all of your child's belongings!